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Financial Reporting


The days when only large companies had CFOs are over. Now, many small businesses are outsourcing their accounting. Here’s what a Part Time CFO from Swift Aid can do for you:

Financial Strategy
Depending on your business objectives, your CFO will suggest several strategies to make your business more profitable. Our expert accounting team understands the dynamics of different businesses. Whether your goals are attracting investors or increasing your product offerings, we know how to help.

Cash flow forecasting
Your CFO will reference and manage your cash flow forecast. This tool helps you and your strategy team understand what happens to your cash position in the future based on the decisions you make today.

Budget reports
Once a plan is in place, you’ll want to know how it’s tracking. Though budgets are essential, they aren’t always met or used. Your CFO will help get your budgets in place and then analyze your company’s performance against it.

Break-even analytics
For businesses on the verge of being too low on cash, knowing their break-even points is essential to their survival. Your sales and production teams must know how much work they have to deliver in order to pay the bills. If your business ever experiences financial challenges, your CFO can help you dig deep and control the excess.

Labor cost management
If you have a staff heavy organization, you must know as much as possible about your payroll costs. Labor costs can be a company’s biggest dilemma: it either over-hired or hasn’t staffed enough. When this happens, your risk losing your bottom line. Your CFO will help you manage these issues to ensure a healthy labor cost.

Expense reporting
Not all expenses in your business are the same. Fixed costs are incurred regardless of what you do. While you can reduce them, there’s only so much you can cut before reducing your benefit. However, your CFO can help you control your variable expenses by identifying and managing them.

Debt planning and reduction
If your growth plan includes taking on debt, your CFO will help you optimize your liabilities so that they support you. If your company is struggling with unplanned debt, we can create a reduction plan for getting you back on your feet.

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Make sure you get accurate, timely, and helpful financial information to run your business. With Swift Aid, your outsourced accountant can provide multiple benefits of financial reporting. Here are just a few of our advantages:

• Create a reliable reporting system
• Report cash position and profit
• Analyze your financial foundations
• Avoid accounting crises
• Plan for growth

We regularly provide helpful financial reports, such as:

• Balance Sheets
• Weekly Cash Flow Forecasts
• Income Statements
• Accounts Payable Reports
• Accounts Receivable Reports
• Custom Internal Reports

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What Does a CFO Do?

A CFO (Chief Financial Officer) is an investment in the growth of your company. While an accountant may manage your data entry and monthly reports, your CFO is an essential part of your team. Your CFO’s job is to increase the return on your business. With your finances managed well, you can increase your profit and opportunity. With cash flow forecasting, cost center optimization, and capital accounts management, the CFO is the nerve center of all your financial information.


What Qualifications and Experience Will My CFO Have?

All members of our Virtual CFO team must have the following credentials:

20+ years of experience in accounting related work
10+ years of experience leading full accounting teams
At least Master’s Degree in Finance
Knowledge of QuickBooks, NetSuite and Sage Accounting Software

Is There a Long-Term Contract?

At Swift Aid, we provide service on a monthly basis. We believe it should be at your discretion how often, and for how long, you require our services. Because our goal is to help your company grow and maximize its profits, we think flexibility is a key.

Is a CFO Necessary for My Business?

A CFO is an excellent solution for many businesses, but not all businesses require one. When your business is ready to plan for its growth strategy, you should invest in a CFO.

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